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    Data Recovery

    Miniature technicians work on hard drive

    Techsavies can recover “lost data” from: desktop and laptop hard drives, multi-disk RAID, NAS and SAN devices, USB flash drives. We perform our data recovery service on storage devices and media suffer from:

      • » Inaccessible disk drive or partitions – Your computer cannot see the drive.
      • » Data corruption – Your computer can see but not interpret file data.
      • » RAID configuration lost – Drives are inaccessible.
      • » Mechanical hard drive failure – Drive is making noise.
      • » Accidental data or file deletion – Files appear to be gone from hard drive.
      • » Deleted tables or system objects – Files appear gone from hard drive.
      • » Accidental reformatting of RAID – File table has been erased.
      • » Deleted or corrupted log file – File has been removed from the file table.
      • » File system corruption – The OS has forgotten where the files are.