Why Techsavies?

The four R’s of TechSavies:

Reliable: Always effectively solving different types of computer problems.

Rapid Response:  Respond to client inquiries within 30 minutes.

Reasonable Rates:  There is no need to shop around because our rates are very competitive.

Rosey Disposition: We enjoy what we do and do it with a smile.


We have solved many different types of computer problems. Located in the same neighborhood for about 10 years, we are seen as “always being there” for our clients.  When you sign up for our flat fee services, our unlimited remote services are available to you during business hours. We are watching your infrastructure and making sure it’s  healthy and if there is a problem, we see it before you do.”

Rapid Response

We understand your computer problem is urgent and needs immediate attention. As a result, TechSavies has set up internal procedures that ensure quick responses to all client inquiries. When we are allowed remote access to your computer, we address your computer problems within minutes.

Reasonable Rates

We are experienced problem solvers and don’t waste time. By quickly solving your computer problems, we get you moving on with what you do best. Moreover, the “time” saving allows us to offer our quality services at reasonable rates.

Rosey Disposition

We understand that we are hired to solve computer problems that we have solved before in other companies. We are good at what we do. We enjoy what we do. And we do it with a smile.